This October In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

What kind of faith will last your whole life? Durable faith! Durable faith lasts. It’s firm and sturdy. It doesn’t easily wear out, break down, or rot. This month, Motion will learn about having a faith that believes, trusts, and is active throughout their whole lives.

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There’s something deep inside us that wants to do something big. We want to show the world that we can do things that matter—things that really matter. Could it be that we were all made to do big things? We think so! What does being a Super Kid really look like? It’s doing the things God made us to do. God made us to do BIG things! All month long we’ll dive into the story of David and learn how God made him to do BIG things!

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We’re Learning… God made everything. God made me.
Bible Story: The Beginning  Genesis 1

This month, we’re learning, “God made everything. God made me.” God made everything we see, and He made us. God made us all wonderfully, and He loves us so much.

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