This Week in Motion Elementary :: You can show you care by letting go of what’s fair.

March series: Throughout scripture, we can see how peace is something near to God’s heart. Even though people chose to break their relationship with God, God made a way to fix that relationship through Jesus. And because we reflect God’s image, making peace with others should be a priority for us as well. When we choose to make peace with others, we’re demonstrating that God’s love can transcend our personal opinions and help us work together in spite of our differences. Choosing peace is a way for God’s family to make an impact in the world.

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You can show you care by letting go of what’s fair.
Abram and Lot Genesis 13:5-18

In Genesis 13:5-18, we read how Abram and Lot’s herdsmen were arguing because there wasn’t enough land for both men’s herds. Abram chose to make peace with Lot by letting Lot choose the land he wanted. Abram could have taken the best land for himself, but instead, he trusted God and allowed Lot to decide.

Engage in everyday moments together this week: 

  • Morning time: As your kid starts their day, tell them something you admire about them in the way they interact with others.
  • Mealtime: At a meal this week, have everyone at the table share this: “Tell us about a time when you chose to make peace instead of trying to get what you thought was fair.”
  • Drive time: While on the go, ask your kid, “Is there someone you want to be friends with but you aren’t yet?”
    Bedtime: Pray for each other: “God, when life is unfair, help us to know when we should let it go and move on. Help us to value the person more than winning an argument.”

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