This Week in Motion :: You always have something to be grateful for.

November Series: Gratitude sometimes feels like a lost art, yet gratitude is an idea close to God’s heart. Think about all of the Bible stories where people gave thanks to God. The Israelites celebrated God with feasts and festivals. The writers of the psalms wrote songs of praise to thank God for being faithful. Throughout this month, we hope kids will learn to be grateful for everything God has done. When we remember all of these things, we can always be thankful. 

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You always have something to be grateful for.
Give Thanks No Matter What Happens ● 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “Give thanks no matter what happens. God wants you to thank him because you believe in Christ Jesus.” It’s pretty clear: Giving thanks is something God wants us to do. No matter what happens, we can be thankful for Jesus and God’s gift of salvation.

Engage in everyday moments together this week: 

  • Morning Time: As your kid starts their day, let them know something about them that you are grateful for — something they did, some personality trait that you admire, etc. 
  • Meal Time: At a meal this week, have everyone at the table answer this question: “What is something you have to be grateful for this week?” (It can be something small; some weeks are like that.) 
  • Drive Time: While on the go, ask your kid: “What’s the best thing that has happened to you lately?” 
  • Bed Time: Pray for each other: “God, help us to always see something we can be grateful for in each and every situation. We know it might not change the situation, but it does remind us that You can bring good to even the hardest things we go through.”


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