This December In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

Everyday, we have big and small opportunities to give. This month, we’ll learn that we can show the same generosity that God shows us. God gives to us because He loves us, and we can see that in the full life of Jesus.

How much do you get? Everything. How much do you give? Everything. Because how much does God give? Everything. All of it. He loves you deep enough to give you everything you need. That’s how much you’re loved.

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While cookie cutters, decorations, and excitement will fill this entire month, we want Quest kids to know why we celebrate this time of year. We’ll teach them this wonderful truth: God loved the world so much that He gave us His only Son, Jesus. 

We pray that we’ll all enter this month with the same wonder the shepherds had as they heard the good news for the very first time — a wonder that will inspire us all to go and tell everyone, everywhere that Jesus is God’s Son. 

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We’re learning… Jesus is God’s Son.
Bible Story: Jesus Is Born  Luke 2:1-7

This month, we’re learning, “Jesus is God’s Son.” God loves us so much that He gave us His Son, Jesus, to be our friend forever! We’ll learn the story, “Baby Jesus is Born,” in Luke 2:1-7. When Mary and Joseph were traveling back to their hometown of Bethlehem, Mary was about to have a baby. When they arrived, there was nowhere to sleep, but the innkeeper let them stay in his stable. While they were there, baby Jesus was born! We celebrate Christmas because God gave us His Son, Jesus, to be our friend forever.

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