This February In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

In this series, kids will find the refreshing freedom that comes from revealing sin, repenting, and replacing old habits with new standards. They’ll learn from Ephesians 4:21-24 how to throw off the old, sinful nature and allow the Holy Spirit to renew their thoughts and attitudes and help them find purity and stay fresh!

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God made us for love — the greatest love. He made that clear when He sent His Son, Jesus, to show us how to give and receive His love. When Jesus walked the earth, He was God’s love in the flesh. Jesus showed us time and time again that He loves us. 

That’s why our focus this month is the powerful truth that Jesus loves us. We want preschoolers to live life knowing and believing they are loved by the greatest love and nothing will ever change that. After all, this is what they were made for — they were made for His love. 

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We’re Learning… God loves me.
Bible Story: Jesus and the Children  Luke 18:15-17

This month, we’re learning “God loves me.” We’ll learn the story “Jesus and the Children” in Luke 18:15-17. When people brought their children to see Jesus, the disciples tried to stop them. Jesus told them, “Let the little children come to me.” (Luke 18:16) Jesus wanted everyone to know children are important to God. We’re important to God, too, and He loves us so much. 

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