Serving During LOVE Week with Kids

EXPECTATION: Happily serving along with your kids, maybe packing meals, sorting shoes, or coloring cards. Everyone is joyful and serving with a good attitude and a helpful heart. REALITY: Short attention spans, urgent snack cravings, and cases of the “gimmes” (you know, when your kids want to keep all the things you’re there to give […]

PARENT CONNECT: Staff Picks For Parents

Ever wonder how other parents are navigating their parenting journey? Listen as some Elevation staff members share their favorite go-to resources and share lessons they’ve learned in parenting. From podcasts to book recommendations and simple family activities, you’ll hear real talk and be encouraged as a parent. Check out Parent Connect: Staff Picks For Parents […]

Black History Month Resources

Did you know February is Black History Month? Whether it’s been on your calendar for months or you just found out about it today, you might be wondering… How can my family can have conversations about the importance of it? What are some ways we can learn more about it together? Head over to our […]