This November In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

Kids often wonder, what is “the Gospel”? And they may have an understanding that they’re supposed to talk about Jesus, but do they know why or even how? Using 1 Peter 3:15 as a starting point, kids will understand that sharing their faith isn’t as complicated or scary as they may have thought. Jesus is a game-changer for everyone who accepts His gift of grace, and when you’ve got game-changing news, you can’t help but share it!

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This time of year helps us refocus on all the good in our lives. And there is SO much good when it comes to God. Because God is good! That is what we want Quest kids to learn this month. God is good and we have A LOT we can thank Him for.

So, get ready to create some thankful trees and tell God, “Thank You” for all the good things He’s made and done. We can’t wait to celebrate thankfulness all month long!

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We’re learning… I can give thanks to God.
Bible Story: The Ten Lepers ● Luke 17:11-19

This month, we are learning, “I can give thanks to God.” God has given us so many wonderful things, and we can thank Him for everything! We will learn the story, “The Ten Lepers,” in Luke 17:11-19. As Jesus was traveling, He met 10 lepers who asked Him to heal them. Jesus told them, “Go show yourselves to the priest.” As they were on their way, they were healed! Although all 10 men were healed, only one went back to thank Jesus. Just like the one man who said thank you, we can show God we are thankful, too! We can always be thankful for everything God does and all He has given us. We can give thanks to Him for everything!

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