This September In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

This month, Motion is learning about creativity! It’s so much more than just the ability to paint, play an instrument, or make a sculpture. It’s more about learning what pleases Jesus —and doing it in the unique way only you can. Over the course of four weeks, Motion kids will learn God is our Creator and He gave us the ability to create, connecting us to Him, to others, and to ourselves. We can partner with God to restore the world He created to its original, God-given shape.

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This month, we’re teaching our Quest children that God is always with them! We will say countless times, “God is always with me.” We want our Quest children to believe it with all of their hearts. With this truth as a foundation, they can be brave, wise, courageous, and strong. No matter where they go or what they do, God is always with them, and we want them to remember this truth!

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We’re Learning… God is always with me.
Bible Story: Joseph’s Story  Genesis 37-47

This month, we’re learning, “God is always with me.” We will learn, “Joseph’s Story,” in Genesis 37-47. When Joseph’s father gave him a special, colorful coat, his brothers were angry and they put him into a deep, dark pit. Then, they sent him far away where he was put in jail for something he didn’t do. Even when Joseph was in the pit and he went to jail, God was with him. God was with Joseph, and He is always with us, too!

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