This July In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

Honesty: Choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.
Memory Verse: “The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in people who are trustworthy.” Proverbs 12:22

Honesty isn’t always easy. Sometimes it feels like things might turn out better if we “bend” the truth a little bit. But what might start out feeling like a little lie can quickly become a web of deceit that we can’t untangle ourselves from. When we choose truth, however, we can find strength, peace, and freedom God wants us to enjoy. 

This summer, we’re going to keep the party going by celebrating Jesus because He gives us joy! We’re not talking about the happiness you get from a carnival ride or a triple scoop of ice cream. We’re talking about the joy that only Jesus can give!

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We’re Learning… I can help others.
Bible Story: The Good Samaritan ● Luke 10:25-37

This month, we’re teaching toddlers, “I can help others.“ We’ll learn the story “The Good Samaritan” in Luke 10:25-37. There are so many people who we can help every day. We want our toddlers to grow up learning how to put others first and always look for ways to help! 

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