This January In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

How can we live our entire lives as an act of worship to God? It’s so much more than just coming to church or singing songs to God. It’s about making God our first priority.

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This month, we’re teaching preschoolers that Jesus is amazing! And, we’re doing it by sharing stories about some of Jesus’ amazing miracles. 

This world (well this universe) is filled with amazing things, but nothing will ever be more amazing than the One who created it all. Jesus is amazing, and we want preschoolers to know it! 

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We’re learning… Jesus is powerful.
Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm  Matthew 8:23-27

This month, we’re learning, “Jesus is powerful.” No matter what happens, we can remember that Jesus is powerful and we can trust Him! We’ll learn the story, “Jesus Calms the Storm” in Matthew 8:23-27. Jesus was on a boat with His disciples when a BIG storm came upon them. The disciples were scared, but Jesus knew exactly what to do. He stood up and told the storm to stop.

Immediately, the storm was calm! The disciples were amazed that the wind and waves obeyed Him. No matter what happens, we can remember that Jesus is more powerful than anything we face, and we can trust Him.

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