Motion :: December Parent Cue Article

Traditions are important for families because they provide opportunities to keep your family legacy going. From the simple to the silly to the sentimental, traditions can create meaningful memories. Don’t hesitate to try out some new traditions this Christmas season and see what works and what doesn’t for your own family. You just may create […]

Quest :: December Parent Cue Article

“I want the other one!” my two-year declared as I took his usual favorite, Little Blue Truck, off the bookshelf. “I want the one in the attic!” I knew exactly what he was referring to: Little Blue Truck’s Christmas. We’d loaded it upstairs with all the tubs of Christmas lights and ornaments. The book features […]

Safari :: December Parent Cue Article

What you do every week matters. And what you do every week matters more when it happens over time. But there are some moments that only come around seasonally, annually, or once in a lifetime. And the way you celebrate those moments have a different kind of impact. Over the next eighteen years with your […]

Moving Beyond the Holi-daze

Here it comes, right on cue! It’s November already, and the Christmas commercials have started appearing on television, stores are all decked with holly, and your kids are probably already begging for new “stuff” under the Christmas tree. For many of us, the holiday season is a time that is anticipated with both joy and […]

How Does Your Family Practice Gratitude?

  With the holiday season approaching, we all want to help our kids to create a habit of showing gratitude. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! If you need a fresh idea to kickstart your family’s gratitude focus, check out what these Elevation staff parents have to say about how their families […]