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Safari – Week of December 3 #Safari

POST TITLE: Safari :: Week of December 3
MONTHLY FOCUS: Jesus is God’s son.
VERSE FOCUS: “I bring you good news of great joy.” Luke 2:10 (NLV)
BIBLE STORY: Baby Jesus is Born I Luke 2:1-7

This month we are learning, “Jesus is God’s son.” We learned about the story of baby Jesus being born in Luke 2:1-7. God sent Jesus to Earth as a baby and He was born in a stable. The Bible says that Mary wrapped baby Jesus in cloth and laid Him in the manger. Baby Jesus was born a LONG time ago in a stable, and we celebrate that on Christmas Day. Jesus is special because He is God’s son.

Meal Time Bible Story Mat | Week 1

We made a Bible story mat to help us remember Jesus is God’s son. Place the Meal Time Bible Story Mat at the table where your toddler eats. Before each meal, point to the place mat and review the Bible story with your child:

  • Who do you see in the picture? (Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus)
  • What did God teach us in the story of Jesus’ birth? (Jesus is God’s son and He came to save theworld.)Say, “In the picture you see Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus on the night He was born. We celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas.” Pray with your toddler. Say, “Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus to us. We know that Jesus is Your son. Help us to know and celebrate the gift of Jesus. Amen.”

Quest – Week of December 3 #Quest

Bible Story: The Angel and Mary | Luke 1:26-33, 38, 46
Main Point: I can hear the good news.
Memory Verse: “I bring you good news of great joy.” Luke 2:10 (NLV)

There are so many special sights, sounds, and smells that fill the air as we count down to one of the most important days of the year: the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth! As we count down to Christmas in Quest, we’ll think about why this holiday is so special — not just because of all the fun that happens around us, but because it’s when we celebrate the most special Person who ever lived!

In this week’s lesson, God sends an angel to tell Mary she will give birth to His Son, Jesus.

Mary heard the good news from an angel that God’s Son would be born. And even more awesome than that – the angel also told her she would be Jesus’ mother! She must have been so excited to hear that good news! We can be excited, too, because we get to hear the good news about Jesus’ birth in lots of different ways as we count down to Christmas!

December Memory Verse
This month join us in helping your child learn Luke 2:10 (NLV). Children can recite the verse every week in December to earn a special memory verse card. When your child receives a memory verse card celebrate with them on learning their verse and put the card on their Quest poster.

I bring you (bring hands to chest)
good news (right arm up)
of great joy. (left arm up)
Luke 2:10 (NLV)

It’s good news that God sent His Son Jesus to be our Savior. This is the best news we could ever get! This verse tells us this good news brings us great joy! Practice this verse with your child so they can celebrate the good news and recite it to their eGroup Leader this weekend in Quest.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 1.38.08 PM

 eKidz At Home Activities

Family activities to review the lesson lesson with your child this week:

  • At BathTime, play a silly game of “Jesus is God’s …” Finish with silly things like “pet” or “banana.” Then say, “No, Jesus is God’s SON!”
  • At PlayTime, play Good News Tag: Have one person run to another and say, “God’s Son will be born and His name will be Jesus!” Tag and repeat!
  • This month let your child wake up to, “Good morning! We’re one day closer to Jesus’ birthday!”

Motion – Week of December 3 #Motion


JOY: Finding a way to be happy even when things don’t go your way.
MAIN POINT: I can have joy because God keeps His promises.
BIBLE STORY: God Promises a Savior | Isaiah 9:6-7, Luke 2:6-11
MEMORY VERSE: “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4 (NIV)

Even though we try to find joy through our stuff, or our vacations, or our relationships, joy isn’t dependent upon any of those things. Joy is about being content beyond our circumstances. We can have joy when we recognize that God’s plan is greater than our own. Joy is a response to our trust in God. And Jesus is the reason we can find joy! The story of His birth can remind us through every season, regardless of our situation, there’s a reason to celebrate what it means to have a relationship with God.

In Isaiah 9:6-7, the prophet Isaiah wrote:

A child will be born to us. A son will be given to us. He will rule over us. And he will be called Wonderful Adviser and Mighty God. He will also be called Father Who Lives Forever and Prince Who Brings Peace.’ (NIrV)

He wrote this hundreds of years before Mary or Joseph or any of the shepherds came on the scene. But this piece of history is significant to the Christmas story because it tells us something incredible about God. It reminds us that God made a promise to send a Savior. A promise He made at a time when things looked dark—during a period when the tribes of Israel were lost and scattered and hopeless. And then finally, hundreds of years later, God kept His promise on that first Christmas.

We can have joy because God keeps His promises. We don’t always see the bigger story God is telling through our lives, but when we remember how God has kept His promise to us in the past, we realize we can trust God with our future.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 1.38.08 PM

eKidz At Home Activities

Family activities to review the lesson lesson with your kid this week:

  • At dinner, ASK: How can you choose to be joyful even when you don’t get something you want?
  • At bedtime, read Isaiah 9:6-7. Pray together and ask God to help you find joy in the middle of things that aren’t going your way.
  • The story of Christmas can remind us in any season—no matter your circumstances—there’s always a reason for joy. Watch this telling of the story of Christmas and celebrate that God kept His promise to send a Savior.

Safari :: Week of November 26

MONTHLY FOCUS: I Can Give Thanks
VERSE FOCUS: “Always give thanks to God.” Ephesians 5:20 (NIV)
BIBLE STORY: Ten Lepers I Luke 17:11-19

Who Are You Thankful For? [Game Activity]

The man in the Bible story went back to tell Jesus ‘thank you’ for making him better. Let’s think about some people we can say thank you to.

Say, “I can say “thank You” to my daddy for reading me a story.” Have the toddlers say, “thank you Daddy.” Ask the toddlers who they want to say thank you to. After each toddler names someone, have all the toddlers say, “Thank you _________.”

Thank you mommy for making my lunch. THANK YOU MOMMY.
Thank you grandma for babysitting me. THANK YOU GRANDMA.
Thank you sister for playing with me. THANK YOU SISTER.
Thank you brother for coloring with me. THANK YOU BROTHER.

Say, “God has given us many things and special people in our lives. We should always say thank you.”

Hand in Hand – Week 4 #Quest

Bible Story: Elijah and the Widow | 1 Kings 17:7-16
Main Point: I am thankful for friends.
Memory Verse: “Always give thanks to God.” Ephesians 5:20 (NIV)

This month we learned to say thank you to the people who help us. And there are a lot of people who help us!

Family, community helpers, people who give them what they need, and last but not least—friends. Children need help, tons and tons of help. And, we want them to grow up with eyes that see the people who help them, and a heart that says thanks.

In this week’s lesson, Elijah and his friend the widow helped each other have food to eat.

God provided a friend to help Elijah. When the woman trusted God and helped Elijah even though it didn’t seem to make sense, God was able to help her, too! God loves to give us friends to help us.

Quest_TakeHome_Poster1Quest Collectible
Each weekend children visit Wonder! Clubhouse they get collectible cards to add to their poster. Once your child collects six cards and brings their poster back to Quest they can receive a special prize! Make sure your child keeps their poster in a place they can see it every day to help them remember what we are learning in Quest and to spend time with Jesus.