Parent Q&A: What is empathy and how do I teach it?

In response to all the confusion and pain splashed across our news channels and social media these days, Pastor Robert Madu recently shared that one of the most important things we can do is to embrace empathy. As parents, we’re responsible for raising our children to be empathetic.  So, what is empathy? Empathy starts with […]

Resources on Racial Inequality for Parents

  Looking for resources to help you learn more about the history of the struggle for racial justice in the U.S.? Here are some books, podcasts, and reading plans to get you started. Use them to grow your personal understanding so you can become the bridge to a better future.   “Between the World and […]

Celebrate Healthy Hearts This February

We know it might be chilly out, but in honor of American Heart Month, we want to encourage you and your kids to bundle up and head outside to try some of these family-friendly games and activities that will get your hearts pumping. Buck Buhler, our staff Director of Wellness, shared some of his family’s […]

New Year Family Planning Sessions

If someone asked you about your goals for your family in the new year, you could probably name a few — take more family trips, eat healthier meals together, spend less time in front of screens, etc. But you’ve probably learned by now that goals rarely happen when you don’t make a plan to achieve […]